Quality billiards in the prestigious world of golf

Mbm Biliardi, the Roman industry that manufactures high-tech quality billiards, has entered the cheek of world golf. The elegant and refined billiards that become precious objects of design, already in the possession of many Presidents of State in the world and of large industrialists, are also making their way in the difficult field of golf because in recent months it has entered the international circuit organized by DIGA (Diplomatic and International Golf Association) Race to Turkey.

A truly important step for the leading company in the world, which produces billiards in Italy, considered the largest and most prestigious manufacturer of professional and luxury billiards, located in the Municipality of Paliano near Rome, which for about 50 years has been investing more and more in the research and on the maximum perfection in the construction of billiard tables for the various specialties: Carambola, Italian Billiards, Pool, Snooker and Russian Pyramid.

Thanks to new technologies, the green table has become a perfect jewel to be “handled with care” and its entry into the world of golf with the Golfing Association of Diplomats present in Italy, is the most classic demonstration of how this sporting and relaxation is also important for those who practice sports at a high level to keep the level of attention high.

Billiards is one of the few sports that makes you think and that combines precision with the knowledge of geometric shapes, but it is also a moment of relaxation perhaps after having traveled the length and breadth of the 18 holes of the golf course.