Always the sponsor of the sports billiards

We first brought professional billiards to national televisions.

The competition billiard is always MBM Biliardi

The competition billiard is one of the billiard tables that made us famous in the world.

MBM has always been present in Billiards Tournaments: from the International 5 Pin Pro tournament in Las Vegas to the European and National championships of all specialties, our Competition Billiards have been the protagonists of exciting games between champions from all over the world.

Sports Billiards for Champions

All sports billiards champions have played at least one game with our pool tables. Because MBM Biliardi has been, and continues to be, the sponsor of the professionals over the years: our quality, precision and professionalism has always been appreciated by great billiards players of all over the world.

The combination of MBM Biliardi and the Champions of billiards today more then yesterday is strong and full of victories, because like the great champions, MBM Biliardi is never satisfied with reachinfg sporting goals!!

Our billiards in clubs and bars around the world.

You will find our billiards in many clubs and bars around the planet. The MBM Biliardi brand has always been recognized as a synonym of quality and prestige:

those who have purchased a billiard table at our company, are today proud to own one of our unique, original and professional creations.

The history of our brand has accompanied thousands of games, between professionals or simple amateurs of billiards, who have played pleasantly on bar pool tables.

When luxury meets design, MBM Billiards are born