The billiards factory

Thanks to the use of technology we are able to create perfect pool tables

The factory on the highway of the sun

The project of the MBM Biliardi factory, as we sse it today in its particular strategic location, close to the Autostrada del Sole, in the section between the Colleferro and Anagni toll booths, is the result of a complex design study, which led to the choice of the best performing equipment and machinery in the sector, some of which were conceived and designer by MBM itself

The need to use numerically controlled equipment, capable of assembling and guaranteeing only high quality pieces, had to ensure the success of an exceptional product worthy of the MBM signature

The inauguration of the plant, which took place in 1995 in conjunction with the world championship held in Fiuggi (Fr), gave way to a consolidated tradition on unparalleled experience and competence over time.

Made in Italy di MBM Biliardi

To this day, our billiards factory remains the most quoted high-tech company in the sector in the world, equipped with high-precision numerical control machinery.

The modern equipment of the various departments, the accurate controls of the raw materials, the scrupulous testing of the finished products give our billiard tables the highest levels of quality and reliability.

It is no coincidence that the major world champions of this game in various specialties have passed through MBM Biliardi, appreciating and rewarding the positivity, quality and commitment that the company has always shown. This is why our slogan is: “Billiards are not bought by chance, only MBM Biliardi guarantees art and technology” Naturally Made in Italy.

When luxury meets design, MBM Billiards are born