The Masters of billiards

At MBM Biliardi perfection comes first

Our Values

Love and passion for billiards: these are te values that have pushed MBM Biliardi to become a market leader and to spread – through the organization of world championships – this sport and made in Italy all over the world. A life-long story that culminates in 1990, when Cav. Maggio decides to build the MBM Biliardi plant in a stategic point: between the towns of Colleferro and Anagni, near the Autostrada del Sole. It was only 1995 that the factory was inaugurated: from a small laboratory, it passed to a true prodigy between technology and craftsmanship. Today, internationally renowned.


The mother matter is obviously wood. And to create tables with exceptional performances, MBM Biliardi uses only quality solid wood. Selected and worked by great master cabinetmakers who personally choose the best seasoned wood in a natural way.

All MBM Biliardi tables are studied and designed to be unique in the style, design and materials from which they are made. Designed for those who want to own a work of art.


The perfect playing field is also obtained thanks to the use of the highest technology in terms of workmanship and finishes. MBM Biliardi uses numerical control machines for the rectification and balancing of each piece that will make up the pool table and the fooseball, in fact, this system guarantees high performing standards, discarding those elements that do not fall within the canons of perfection of MBM Biliardi


The study and research of ever new and original design is another point of pride in the production of MBM Biliardi. Always new shapes, solutions and colors, adaptable to any type of environment. Even the smaltest detail is created to amaze and satisfy both the player and the simple sepctator. In addition, there is always the possibility to customize your own table, recommended by our expert designers.

Guarantee over time

MBM Biliardi offers its customers 360-degree assistance.

Repairs, maintemance and also assembly and transport (even in the case of removals).

Our tables not only offer great sports performances, but also the security of never being left alone.

MBM Biliardi in the world!

Since 1972, MBM Biliardi has received national and international recognition and praise.

Also thanks to organized world championships, in particular in Las Vegas and Russia, which have contributed to making MBM Biliardi a leader in the world billiards market.

But above all thanks to Cav. Maggio and his family who still follow each step of their production with passion and dedication, making their brand synonymous with quality and elegance of Made in Italy

Quando il lusso incontra il design, nascono i Biliardi MBM