MBM Biliardi collection

The MBM Biliardi born in a small laboratory, where the passion was greater than the available means.

Design line billiards

Beyond the traditional forms, MBM Biliardi also wants to amaze and be truly innovative, especially in the field of design.

This is why the Design Line was born, a collection to give free rein to our creativity.

Using new materials and combining them with unexpected shapes, out of the ordinary. A line created for those who want to amaze and be amazed.

Sport line billiards

City line billiards

Custom line billiards

Kokà line billiards

In the Kokà billiard line we have concentrated our ideas in what are the representative spaces of a home: where to organize receptions, entertain public relations, present yourself and entertain certainly important guests.

We also tried to combine two important moments in the art of entertaining: tasting good food and entertainment.

This is where the Kokà line can express its best: with a unique and elegant table that can be transformed into a precious billiard table if necessary.

Classic line billiards

More than a single style, the Classic Line of billiards refers to the taste of the past and furniture with a refined and elegant appearance.In this line of billiard table

prevails the taste for materials, shapes and colors that refer to tradition and craftsmanship, paying attention not only to the quality of the materials and the design of the billiard table, but also to the smallest details that make the products of this line, luxury items and for true connoisseurs.

Murano line billiards

Kokà Pro line billiards

Murano Pro line billiards

To surprise once again and more and more: here is the Murano Pro line of billiards.A true tribute to the skill of Murano art masters.

A collection of billiards born with their prestigious collaboration, where the game of billiards is always the great protagonist, but which for this time has to deal with the beauty and the protagonism of the shapes that can only arise from glass.

Important billiard tables are those of the Murano Pro Line, designed to enrich the furnishings of a home, give value to a large living room.Always in the name of refinement and luxury

When luxury meets design, MBM Billiards are born