MBM Biliardi: where it all began

Born in a small workshop,

Where the passion was greater than the means available.

Billiard manufacturers since 1972

The history of MBM Biliardi took its first steps back in 1969 when Cav. Mariano Maggio, owner of the company, was only 23 years old.

After about two years of experience gained in the field of billiards, as a representative for the Lazio region of Mari Billiards of Siena and having acquired the right skills in this field, Cav. Maggio decides to set up on his own founding the first small workshop of what would

become the largest Italian billiard factory. “The first laboratory was thrilling …” recalls the owner. Of 4 meters by 4 dimensions, it was equipped only with a Blake and Decker as equipment, with a workbench consisting of a plank made from the remains of wooden packaging that covered the ping-pong tables and a workforce, represented by a single worker polisher … not always involved in work.

The birth of the MBM Biliardi brand

From this small reality, after a few years, a larger space of 150 square meters was passed. where the first machines began to take place and the revision of the existing billiards was started, trying to snatch qualities and defects and continually perfecting the quality.

All this Cav. Maggio carried it out together with representative work, while maintaining clarity and transparency towards the company for which he was in charge. In a short time the 150 square meters. they expanded further until they reached 400 square meters in the Mandrione area (Rome), where new billiards began to be born, and in the meantime leaving the position of representative.

Thus was born the MBM Biliardi brand (Mariano Maggio Biliardi), born from the study of a graphic designer from Milan and recommended by industrial friends

MBM Biliardi and TV

In the same situation in whic the MBM Biliardi began to grow and to establish itself mainly in the north, where he had set up several important rooms, the Cav. Maggio increased its notoriety thanks to successful tansmissions that it had begun to conduct on the GBR channel,

probably the only alternative to RAI 1 and RAI 2. The initial 16 episodes dedicated to the game of billiards soon increased in number when several television stations, including channel 21 of Naples, intrigued by the novelty, wanted to invest in programs dededicated to this discipline and its successful host.

Transmissions were made such as “Filotto”, “Filotto in comune” , “I did Filotto”, “Spettacolo e Biliardo”, which lasted for 6/7 years The growth in popularity of these broadcasts, but also the participation in prestigious programs

such as “Buona Domenica”, “Il Buon Paese” and “Domenica In”, contributed to spreading the MBM brand all over the world. All this led to rediscover billiards in the sports world. The reason for the particular location of the plant is also interesting

The new MBM Biliardi factory

The Cav. May, therefore, driven by his tenacity and great passion, decided to challenge himself starting in 1990 to design a factory in an area where he could certainly not go unnoticed … The realization of the company, as we see it today,

is the result of a complex design study, which led to the choice of equipment and
of the best performing machinery in the sector, some of which were conceived and designed by the MBM workers themselves. The need to use numerical control equipment,

able to assemble and guarantee only high quality parts, was to ensure the success of an excellent product worthy of the MBM concept. The inauguration of the plant took place in 1995, coinciding with the world championship held in the nearby spa town of Fiuggi. Therefore, for the MBM Biliardi,

the major champions of this game at world level in the various specialties have passed, appreciating and rewarding the positivity, the quality and the commitment that the company has always shown

MBM Biliardi: an international brand

Time has given reason to Cav. May, reserving national and international recognition and praise for his company. It is important to remember the organization, by the MBM Billiards, of various championships in the world,

in particular in Las Vegas, in Russia, in Spain and in other parts of the world. A path that has contributed to making the MBM brand a leader in the world billiard market. The sacriicals made by Cav. Mariano Maggio and his family, who still actively collaborate within

the plant, have served to keep the name of MBM Biliardi high, today a leader in Italy and in the world for quality and innovation. This is why our slogan is and remains: “Billiards are not bought by chance, only MBM Biliardi guarantees art and technology”, naturally Made in Italy.

Having gained notoriety in the sports world, the MBM Biliardi, decides to open up to the world of design, in those years still new. Over the years, MBM Biliardi has collaborated with the greatest designers in the world for the production of models that still today, after twenty years, are still very successful in the world.

Great personalities of the Show and sport, have chosen billiards for their longevity in life.

Many entertainment and sports personalities have discovered that playng billiards means carrying out a lot of physical activity, moving around the billiards and positioning to achieve the shot, the whole body is fully engaged and above all the brain, an essential part for having eternal youth as to make a shot you need creativity and imagination.

When luxury meets design, MBM Billiards are born