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The pool table of your dreams that transforms if necessary ia a confortable and elegant dining table. Because passion has no limits, not even of space.

There is always the right solution and it is MBM Biliardi.


MBM Biliardi Collection

Versatile and performing:
these are MBM Biliardi tables

MBM Biliardi is the made in Italy Design since 1972 for your billiard table.

New combinations of shapes and colors to give you a unique gaming experience.


MBM Biliardi at the service of excellent interior and Outdoor Design Professionals

Studio Lab MBM has dedicated a privileged channel especially to professionals of the interior and outdoor of: modern, classic, contemporary, art deco, vintage and extreme luxury design. To give shape to their projects of all kinds and to fulfill the desire of every demanding customerby exciting them, making their furniture exclusive with unique and authentic elements such as our billiards and furniture collections depicted on our corporate portals. These collections are rich in images in which we represent our ideas and solutions suitable for the various housing requests followed by architectural projects also developed by many architects of international prestige.

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When luxury meets design,
MBM Biliards are born