Quality billiards in the prestigious world of golf

For the first time in the world a “Biathlon” competition was held but not on the snow but on the cloth and green meadows. In the prestigious Golf Club of the Capital in Olgiata, last weekend a competition was held where the scores of the billiards were paired with those of the golf tournament organized Diga (Diplomatic and International Golf Association) Race to Turkey which was won by Ugo Fagiano with 39 points, the gross won by Stella Coppi.

In the hole in one (a hole with a single shot in the par 3 of about 200 meters) at the 16 there was up for grabs a prestigious billiards with a commercial value of 60 thousand euros, the Bi-g of MBM Biliardi, the leader in the sector based between the provinces of Rome and Frosinone and the one with the highest technology in the world.

Only one golfer approached the hole with a shot with the ball that stopped at about ten centimeters.

The double tournament saw the participation of over a hundred players. This type of race has become part of the DIGA Top Five and will also be present in the next stage which will take place at the Acqua Santa in Rome on 21 September. Satisfaction of the owner of MBM Biliardi Cav. Mariano Maggio who during the award ceremony thanked the president of DIGA Antonio Stacchi who introduced him to this fascinating world and also thanked the Olgiata Golf Club which allowed this successful experiment, also given the large participation of players who were all fascinated from the splendid billiard table.

In addition, Mr. Maggio announced an important participation of MBM billiards in Moscow next October and to follow another outing to America.

The winners of the various categories were awarded high-quality billiard cues. In closing, Mr. Maggio expressed the hope that a billiard school could be created around golf: “because you can go around the billiards for miles as it happens in the golf course”.